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Is chapter 13 bankruptcy the cure for high interest credit cards?

Will Chapter 13 cure your credit card debt?


Will you be in credit card debt forever? 


What Does it Mean to be Judgment Proof? Can My Creditors Sue Me?

Can you defy Justice?

What Does it Mean to be “Judgment Proof?”

Unsecured creditors, like credit card lenders, must obtain a judgment against you before they can attach assets in satisfaction of past due debts. They do this by suing you for what you owe. Most people rightfully owe the debt and fail to respond to the collection lawsuit. As a result, the court enters a judgment, which is the court's determination that you owe what the creditor says you do. 

The Benefits of Filing Bankruptcy

Congress changed the bankruptcy laws in 2005 by passing the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act (BAPCPA). The press coverage surrounding the enactment of BAPCPA left most people thinking that bankruptcy was no longer a viable option for people struggling through financial hardship. Fortunately, for millions of consumers who have experienced difficulty since then, these reports were incorrect. Bankruptcy, now more than ever, is still one of the most common and effective ways to provide much needed relief for millions of Americans suffering from too much debt.