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The chapter 7 or chapter 13 trustee assigned to a bankruptcy case

8th Circuit: Funds in Health Savings Account under Medicare Not Exempt

In re Leitch, 2013 W.L. 3722091 (Bankr. App. 8th Cir. 2013).

Funds held in a Health Savings Account under Medicare are not exempt in bankruptcy.

As a California law firm, Borowitz & Clark practices in the 9th Circuit, however, we thought our clients should be aware of this decision from the Bankruptcy Appellette Panel in the 8th Circuit.

California Bankruptcy Filers Must Provide the Trustee With Tax Returns

In re Nordstrom, 381 B.R. 766 (Bankr. C.D. Cal. 2008).

The bankruptcy trustee may pursue dismissal of your case for failure to provide required documentation on time.

Thomas Jefferson and Bankruptcy

When I started my career, I began accompanying clients to the Meeting of Creditors that is part of every bankruptcy case. It was during one of those meetings that I came upon a Chapter 7 Trustee by the name of Steven Smith. Mr. Smith would start every meeting with a story designed to put the bankruptcy process into the proper perspective for those going through it.

The Role of the Bankruptcy Trustee

Whether you file for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy a Trustee is appointed in your case to ensure the integrity of the bankruptcy system. The role of the trustee differs depending on the type of bankruptcy filed.