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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy

What Are The Income Guidelines for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in California?

Income Guidelines for Bankruptcy in California 

Don't Forget the Credit Counseling Requirement!

In re Manalad, 360 B.R. 288 (Bankr. C.D. Cal. 2007)

Failure to obtain credit counseling prior to filing for bankruptcy is grounds for dismissal

Court: Social Security Benefits are Exempt in California Bankruptcy

In re Suttice, 487 B.R. 245 (Bankr. C.D. Cal. 2013)

Securing Social Security

You may stop working, but the bills won’t stop coming. In retirement, some people live off of pensions and other kinds of retirement income. If nothing else, almost everyone receives Social Security benefits. Unfortunately, that may be too little.

Third Parties Trying to Take Advantage of Automatic Stay in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

In re Dorsey, 476 B.R. 261 (C.D. Cal. 2012).

Catch Her If You Can

Transfer of Real Estate Before Bankruptcy in California Ruled Void, Fraudulent

Bankruptcy, Civil Lawsuits, and Signs between feuding California neighbors

Milosevic Next Door – In re Cass, 476 B.R. 602 (C.D. Cal 2012)

When bankruptcy and civil lawsuits mix, the results can be ugly. Catherine, a California resident, had two lawsuits and two bankruptcies on the table. When creditors came after her house, she decided to go down swinging.

It All Begins With a Disagreement Among Neighbors 

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Prevents Foreclosure of California Woman's Home

The tale of Chapter 13 bankruptcy and a home.

In re Hileman, 451 B.R. 522 (C.D. Cal., 2011).

The Story of Caridad

Caridad Hileman, a resident of California, filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Unfortunately, her case was dismissed. Determined to avoid foreclosure, Caridad filed again a few months later.

The Automatic Stay 

Why Can a Bankruptcy Discharge be Denied in California?

A bankruptcy discharge can be denied in CA

Why Can a Bankruptcy Discharge be Denied?

Is chapter 13 bankruptcy the cure for high interest credit cards?

Will Chapter 13 cure your credit card debt?


Will you be in credit card debt forever? 


Pro or Pro Se? The Shocking Truth About Pro Se Bankruptcy Filings in California's Central District

Is filing bankruptcy pro se in California a smart idea?


Pro or Pro Se? The Shocking Truth About Pro Se Bankruptcy in California's Central District 

California's Wage Garnishment Rules: Unpaid Taxes, Child Support, Consumer Debt

Money makes the modern world turn

California Wage Garnishments

If you have defaulted on debt, then your creditors may sue you to obtain a “wage garnishment.” A wage garnishment is where your employer deducts money from your pay, and then delivers that money to your creditors. The amount that your wages can be garnished depends on the type of debt that you have. Additionally, who can have your wages garnished also depends on the type of debt that you owe.